The Spartacus Tv Series is One Great Series.

February 4th, 2014

The Spartacus TV series is one great TV series by Starz.spartacus series by starz

I am a big fan of TV series filled with action. Spartacus is a story of betrayal and revenge. Oh my God, I think I told you the entire story in one sentence. Well, not really, but you get my point.

The first time I watched the series was, one day when while I was browsing through tv channels I found this fight between gladiators. I was hooked. So much action and so much blood caught my attention.

Although, I have to warn you that this is not for kids so don’t watch it when they are near. The Spartacus series is filled with sensuality as well as erotic scenes not to mention the nudity.

Anyway, you will enjoy the serie. I really recommend it.

There are three series not including the prequel.

here is a list of the seasons:

  • Prequel-  Gods of the arena
  • Season 1  Blood and Sand
  • Season 2 Vengeance
  • Season 3 War of the Danmed

If you want to stream spartacus online and watch it. There are a couple of ways to do it. you can buy the episodes from sites like amazon or Starz.

or you can visit


New T25 Workout DVDs- Is it Entertainmening or what?

January 23rd, 2014

What you should know, about the T25 DVD workout, before you decide on it.

t25 workout dvd package

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You are tired of being fat. It is your goal to reach a better health and fitness level. You are sitting on your chair or browsing online, and you watch the Focus t25 advertisement. Seems like is meant for you, but is it? Is it really for you? It states that it has the power to change your body with only twenty-fiew minutes, five days a week, but is it? Let me tell you my story. Focus t25 review. I am out of shape, with no time to hit the gym like i used to when I was ten years younger. I am father to a wonderful toddler and full-time husband. I work over 40 hours a week. In other words, I am enslaved. I saw the Focus t25 commercial, and went insane. I wanted to call the phone that instant, but decided to go online and do a bit of research before buying it. I found that all reviewers said the same thing, “yes it works, is great… “, but they left a few things out. I want to reveal a few things. Where do I begin? They lied to you. Well, let me tell you why; they state that is only twenty-five minutes for only five days a week. It is correct in a way, but the 5th day you do two videos making it a fifty minute day. By the way, there is a sixth day, called optional. The day for stretching. How can stretching be optional? The Focus T25 offers exercise modifications. What they forget to mention is that the modifications are not that easy as well. Maybe they are hard for me, and if they are for me they might be for you. If you are years out of shape, you might need to customized those modifications. This Focus T25 is not for everyone, as advertised. To the program, Focus is the key. You have to be ready to take the challenge. When I say ready, I mean physically and mentally. This workout program is for people with determination and discipline. You need to be focused, not only during the program, but before and after. Remember that whatever any workout program promises, cannot be reached without proper nutrition.


The workout program also provides information to achieve proper nutrition. Remember that, it is not only scheming through a nutrition guide, but implementing the learned. You are required to change your day to day diet. For this program to work for you; you cannot be doing only the workout routine, but changing your life style. My warning is, If you are not ready to commit to a new way of life, the program is not for you. Not only this program, but any other workout program. Well, this has been my input on reviewing the Focus t25 workout program by Shaun T. I thought you might want to read what others left out. If you want more information on this program, visit my page. For more information on this workout click here. Or simply visit

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